Disclaimer: The following podcast contains so much politics, it contains a disclaimer warning you about how much politics it contains.

There’s one week to go until the UK’s general election, and we won’t let you forget it. James, Robbie and Jordan discuss the highs and lows of the still-unfurling campaign, and tackle each of the five parties jostling for your vote. Plus! Robbie does his best Paxman as we attempt to find a new Podcast PM, we make some outlandish rumours about Caroline Lucas, and play some music by Tim Farron’s old pop group (No, really). It also gets angry and impassioned. But can you blame us? There’s only one week to go to the election…

You can listen to the podcast in all the usual ways. Player above. Apple Podcasts. Other podcast apps. Right-clicking here to download. Asking a stranger nicely. Kidnapping us. So many ways. Please enjoy it. AND VOTE NEXT WEEK.


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