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“Face-aching comedy” –The Derby Telegraph, presumably as a compliment.

“Pretty good” –Our mate Steve

“I honestly have no idea” –Green Party leader Natalie Bennett when we asked her how much cocaine George Osborne does in a week.

A four-piece comedy outfit based in Derby, UK, Verbal Discharge comprises of James Bosson, Robbie Owen, Jordan Reynolds and Ben Knight. And when we use the phrase ‘Comedy outfit’, we mean in the way a Football manager would say “They’re a quality outfit” before they play West Ham, rather than comically oversized shoes and baggy polka dot trousers. We are not a clown suit. We also recognise the missed opportunity above regarding a potential four-piece suit pun. It’s too late. We’re just going to have to move on and forget all about it.

Verbal Discharge started life as a show on the University of Derby’s student radio, where it (Not to brag) broke the station’s listenership record and won their ‘Best Show’ award consecutive years. Discharge since flew off on its own, taking on podcast form and starting this excellent website. Every Friday, the Discharge team releases a podcast, containing a carefully-crafted hour of comedy, mixing cultural satire with gags about gorilla dicks. Each Wednesday, we also put out a freshly-cooked article from one of the team, the full range of which you can see on this website. On occasional other days of the week, we also produce video content, and hold live comedy shows, details of which can be found here.

Discharge also works closely with Furthest From the Sea, Derby’s premier music, comedy & arts organisation, allowing you the chance to come and see us produce the weekly nonsense on stage, as part of one of our now-regular live shows. Basically, we’re plugging them here because they’re good to us. Better than they should be. Go and say hello. They’re nice people.

And whilst you’re at it, why not say hello to us? Please, we’d love it if you send us an email at Things@VerbalDischarge.co.uk, or perhaps visit any of the social media links you see at the top of this page. Please come and say hello. We’re surprisingly lonely for a four-headed clown suit.


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